Name: Thomas Gunn, aka Tommy.

Age: Three.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: He's three. He hasn't really thought about it that hard.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Light blonde, perpetually wild.

Skin: White with freckles.

General Appearance: Small, cute, often covered in jam, usually wearing overalls.

Physical Abilities: Boundless energy, the ability to bounce off of walls, resistance to injury (so long as someone applies a band-aid).

Mental Abilities: Complete innocence.

Personality: He’s three. He likes to play and watch cartoons and pretend he’s Thunderfist.

Job: He's three. He plays.

Hobbies: See job.

Family: He lives with Mommy, Daddy, Gram, and his dog Grover.

Friends: He plays with this Asian girl down the street. Obviously they will get married.

Nationality: Caucasian; he and his family live in Toronto, Ontario.

Skills: He's pretty handy with LEGO blocks...

Favourite Colour: Blue. No, purple. No, red. No, all of them. No, green.

Favourite Food: Candy.

Religion: He's three. He believes in God the same way he believes in Santa Claus; his parents say he's real, so he believes it without question. Though he once remarked that Santa would make a better God, because he always makes sure that good people get what they ask for.

Prologue: A Day in Tommy's Life