Earth. The mother, the sanctuary, the giver of life. It is the only place yet known by humans to harbor intelligence. It has had a grand history over the four and a half eons of its existence. Living cells formed, divided, reproduced, grew, and evolved. Complex biological organisms arose, reined, went extinct. But new life took its place. Huge monstrous beasts came to dominate, only to be wiped out by a rock. But life continued to change and evolve, until finally came the creature known as the human.

They were intelligent, and became self-aware. Civilizations arose from their primitive tribes; in essence almost a new type or organism themselves. And like the other forms of life before them, civilizations rose, dominated, then fell, again and again. But all the while, it seemed that underneath the chaos was a slow march forward, to ever greater dreams.

Now, in 2009, human culture seems at once paradoxically more enlightened, and yet more violent than it has ever been. But throughout all the history of this planet Earth, never has there been a single event that human scientists have been completely and utterly at a loss to explain, or at least come up with a coherent theory. At least an event that most undoubtedly and assuredly actually happened. To humanity's most learned minds, it seems absurd, indeed, almost impossible, to even consider that such an event could transpire...


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