2009, June 9Edit

  • Prologue: "A Day in the Life": Write a short story or description of one day of your character's life. See the Prologue Guidelines for further instructions. You have until the next update to finish your prologue. I have decided on an update schedule of every Tuesday, hence the next update will happen on the 16th, and the story proper will begin then.
  • You may continue characterizing your character if you wish. Illustrations, whether found on the net or created by you, are always awesome. If you feel like it you may also make other pages detailing other things related to your character. Some of you have already done some of these things. This is also awesome.

2009, June 1 Edit

  • Read the guidelines.
  • Create a character and a character page for them to join the game.
  • Optional: create a player page describing yourself. You can put a link to the player page in the character section with a bracket after the character name. For example: Joe Nobody (Daniel)
  • If anyone needs help with anything technically or related to the game, just ask me on MSN or email