Fritz walks into the next room out of the change room, and finds himself at a moderately-sized indoor swimming pool. This room is much warmer than the rest of the house, and Fritz can feel the humidity and smell the chlorine coming from the pool. The colour scheme in this room is a bright blue and yellow, and there are two marble statues that look Greek, one of a male, one female, in the corners of the room where the deep end of the pool is. 4.1 metres deep, as it says on the deck. There is also a hot tub by the shallow end, and two other doors, one presumably coming from the female change room.


Fritz whistles at the fancy decor. He guessed nobody who had this house was holding them for ransom. The smell of chlorine brought back memories of terrible summer camps, and seems to knock him out of the conspiratorial frame of mind. Now he just had no idea what was going on, but was reasonably cheerful about it. Ah, the powers of alcohol. He decided to tell the others, and left to go back to the living room.