The archive of old news and instructions. Because I'm obsessive-compulsive like that.

2009 Edit

  • June 30: Updated. Chapter 1 proper has begun.
  • June 21: Okay, so my promise was ambiguously-worded and I didn't say how many times I would sleep. Regardless, Chapter 1 has begun, and another update will come Tuesday the 30th or before. There will be new instructions then.
  • June 19: Update after I sleep. I promise.
  • June 17: The EVENT has happened. Check the prologues if you haven't already. They have changed. Another update coming soon.
  • June 16: Update is delayed because people aren't finished with their prologues yet. It's alright. Just get them in as soon as you can.
  • June 9: The game of Cosmic began
  • June 8: Some final preparations for the start of the game made.
  • June 7: Main page reorganized and a few new catagorical pages created
  • June 5: General Guidelines updated and expanded
  • June 2: added a couple ideas to the Character Page Guidelines
  • June 1: Email sent and Pregame Phase started