Born 1987; Female; Heterosexual

Jayne has green eyes, brown wavy hair, and is fair skinned. Unfortunately, she is also extremely near-sighted and wears glasses or contacts at all times.She is of average appearance, not particularly tall or short, skinny or fat. Thus, she can blend into a crowd without being noticed, although she stays away from crowds whenever possible.

Jayne is extremely intelligent, but not in any useful fashion. She can recite 100 digits of pi but can’t put together a shelf. She is seen as a klutz by friends and family alike. She has a world map on her ceiling which she studies before sleeping each night, and can recite world capitals from memory. She enjoys reading maps and driving around to areas she has never been before to explore, and her photographic memory helps her to travel to these unfamiliar places with a map of the area already in her head.

Jayne talks a lot to her friends, although she rarely makes small talk with strangers. She is seen as aloof and arrogant by others, who do not understand her inability to connect with people in social situations. Pedantic habits of hers such as remaking her bed and re-ironing her clothes to smooth out any flaws make her somewhat obsessive and compulsive.

She is going to start teacher’s college in Halifax in the fall to become a teacher, feeling that there is little of interest for her to do with a degree in geography on its own, which she has just completed at MemorialUniversity in Newfoundland. In her spare time she enjoys playing the alto sax, and is involved in a community band in the area.

She is a non-practising catholic and has not attended church since her confirmation. Jayne has little interest in philosophical examination of religion or beliefs, preferring to concentrate on concrete fields of study such as geography and geology. If pressed for political opinions, she generally favours the conservative nature of her family and her church, but does not consider herself a political person, and is often too caught up in academia to notice the world around her.

She is the youngest of six children in her family. Her father is from England, having moved when he was a child, and her mother is descendant from Ireland, but is a 3rd generation Canadian, having grown up in Port Credit, Ontario. Her siblings, from oldest to youngest are Alexander (b. 1981), Brittany (b. 1982), Crystal and Deirdre (b. 1983), Ethan (b. 1985).