Visual representation (thank you, Katie McGrath)

Name: Jade Muriel Macallister

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Lesbian

Eyes, Hair, Skin: Blue; Black; Pale

General appearance: She's really quite pretty, and a little tomboyish. About 5'7". Boyish, lean figure. Pale skin, clear blue eyes, dusting of light freckles over her nose. Long black hair, usually pulled back and off her face. Lives in jeans and t-shirts, occasionally with a men's button-down shirt overtop. Will dress up for special occasions, in a dress and letting her hair down.

Physical abilities: Enjoys physical exertion, be it horseback riding, swimming, or bicycling.

Mental abilities: Great at memorization. Going to university and majoring in English. Good at word-type things. Voracious reader.

Personality: Generally quiet and a little antisocial when it comes to people she doesn't know well. But around close friends she's the life of the party. Totally wild and carefree. Values freedom and nature above most other things, aside from art. A couple minor rage issues, but she's working on that.

Job, hobbies: Works at a bookstore. Enjoys being outside the rest of the time, reading or doing something outdoorsy, like riding or biking somewhere.

Background: Just your standard Irish stock.

History: Kicked out of the house by her father after her mother died in a car accident, and is currently renting a house with a few friends. Keeps in contact with her brother Logan, living in America, through email. Misses him a lot.

Family, friends: Estranged father, dead mother. One older brother, living in America. Good friends with her employer, Jim Curran, and a few people she knows from university, as well as her roommates.

Nationality: Irish.

Skills: Excellent at word puzzles (anagrams, crossword puzzles, etc.). Pretty acrobatic and graceful, so can climb trees really well. Good reflexes. Also, her snarky comments are the stuff of LEGEND.

Favourite colour, food: Purple; fruit, like oranges and grapes.

Religion or philosophy: A more lenient version of Christianity.

Prologue: A Day In The Life of Jade