Fritz peers into the next room through an open doorway, into a den or recreational area. It is almost as large as the living room, and there seems to be no shortage of entertainment here. The carpet is a dark green, reminiscent of grass in the shade, and the walls are a dull silvery gray.

There is a ping-pong and a billiards table, as well as a couple small round tables with four chairs on them. There are shelves to Fritz's left on the wall, although he can't see what's on them from this angle. At the far corner of the room is some excercise equipment, including a stationary bike and weightlifting bench. In the near left corner there is a pinball machine, and along the far wall is a dart board. There is also an air hockey table, a fooseball table; in short, everthing cool that one might have in a basement. Everything in the room is clean and new, just like the rest of the house.

There are three doors on the wall to the right, one of them unmarked, but the other two each have a symbol. The centre door has the male symbol , and the far door the female symbol '.


This house just got stranger and stranger. "Hey everyone!" Fritz bellows back into the living room. "We've got foosball in here! Go hog wild!"

He looks and sees the two doors with symbols on them. "What the hell, I'm a guy." He pushes open the male-marked door.


The room Fritz now finds himself in is smaller than the rest. He is momentarily disoriented. The room contains benches, showers... it seems out of place, but it can only be a change room. Well, he could call it a locker room, but there are no lockers. There's another door on the far side of the room.


"And stranger still," Fritz says to himself. Who the hell has stuff like this in their house? A living room, a big lounge, a mass change room... if anything, it seems a bit like a military barracks, but the decor is all off.

He wanders through the changeroom, getting bad flashbacks to high school gym class. He tries the far door.