Your characters have 4 basic stats, which each have three substats. they are as follows.

Vim: Strength, Power, Stability.

Health: Toughness, Immunity, Resistance

Speed: Running, Reactions, Reflexes

Mind: Intelligence, Senses, and Charisma

The stats can be abbriviated to the first letter of each. Human average is 10, but a normal human can have a score anywhere from 4 to 16. Other races are a different story of course.

Attacks can be made against any of these stats. For example attacking the leg to do damage to speed. If you are attacked, you add your current score in the stat against which you were attacked to your defense roll.

You start out with 100 points with which to buy stats and abilities. Stats are purchased at 1:1, abilities vary. If you want to improve only substat, for example, the Intelligence aspect of Mind without senses or charisma, these can be purchased at +3 for one point. This +3 can be spread out amoung multiple stats if you wish.

The third and final aspect of character stats are skills. Skills are not bonus to rolls, they represent trained abilities that your character can do that others without that skill can not. They are ranked in tiers, for example someone with Swim 5 is an athletic swimmer whereas someone who mearly has Swim (tier 1) can just stay afloat and not drown, swimming very slowly using the doggy-paddle. Here are some examples of skills. The list is by no means exhaustive yet and if you think of something that should be a skill and is not yet, let me know.

General Skills

Arcana, Aim, Climb, Concentrate, Dodge, Diplomacy, Drive, Escape, Geography, Hacking, History, Jump, Languages, Martial, Math, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Ride, Survival

Combat Skills

Axes, Bows, Firearms, Knives, Swords, Spears, Shields

Magic Skills (Spells)

Abjuration, Creation, Charm, Explosion, Heal, Illusion, Invigorate, Invigorate, Levitation, Magitech, Metalbending, Polymorph, Prestidigitation, Restore, Telekinesis, Thermomancy

Your character's appearance, height, weight, etc, can be whatever you want it to be. Race can be human, or any of the standard fantasy faire (about 50% of people are humans), or possibly something of your own creation as long as you run it by me. If the race has any special abilities that humans do not have, it will cost points (but not too many, as most abilities can be replicated by magic).