(Given the nature of our little RPG, it would seem wise to keep track of our events before they become one muddled, temporal mess. Here, then, is the tentatively titled "CosmiChron", which if useful I'd like to see added to all future chapters taking place in multiple locations (probably, most). Keep in mind the CosmiChron is intended to be completely separate from the fictional setting our story takes place in. All are welcome to edit - I'm sure I've made at least one minor error already, and any other additions to the page which one might find useful are appreciated.)

(Also, unless one is particularly bent on having the last word, could we establish the convention that characters add a note in italics when they exit/ enter a room, separate from their regular post? This may help clarify character actions, as well as give other players the chance to respond.)

--I approve of this development. Good idea. -Daniel

(also rest assured that once things start becoming chronologically confusing I'll start a new subchapter)

Steampunk Watch

*Nathan, Sid, Ayesha, Jade (with) Tommy in Living Room. Bryce, Ciaraen, Giuseppe, Jayne in Hallway. Bruce in Kitchen. Fritz in Den.*

~ Bryce enters Living Room from Hallway.

~ Sid enters Hallway from Living Room.

~ Bruce acquires newspaper.

~ Fritz enters Male Change Room from Den.

~ Sid enters Living Room from Hallway.

~ Sid enters Kitchen from Living Room.

~ Fritz enters Pool from Male Change Room.

~ Giuseppe enters Living Room from Hallway.

~ Fritz enters Living Room from Pool.

~ Sid enters Garden from Kitchen.