A simple rendering of Bryce

Bryce is a 27 year old man, with light, close cut, brown hair, and lightly tanned skin.He can usually be seen wearing jeans and a white shirt, along with a light jacket in all but the warmest weather.

Bryce is a voice actor, usually movies but dabbling in animated television.Originally from New Zealand, he moved to America 4 years ago for more work, and has since then played major characters in 2 prominent films, along with various smaller roles.

While he tries to keep fit, his gym membership has all but gone to waste. He still manages to keep in fairly good shape by swimming at the public pool.

Bryce is a bit odd. While not particularily smart, he can be clever at times. His tendency to switch voices during conversation can be offputting to people that don't know him, but he's fairly charismatic, and knows how to make people laugh. His skill at imitation, and modest ability at throwing his voice also tends to liven up conversatons.

He tends to spend his time playing online games, generally strategy or shooters. He's also writing his own screenplay entitled Kiwi, but hasn't had any luck getting support for it. While he doesn't particularily believe them, he loves conspiracy theories, and spends a portion of each day keeping up with the news.

Prologue: A Day in Bryce's Life