Name: Ayesha, Abana

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Eyes, Hair, Skin: Green Eyes, Black Long Hair, Pale Skin

General appearance: A very beautiful French girl with long straight black hair, wear's normal but tastefull and not overtly sexual clothing

Physical abilities: Slim (food is a worldly pleasure), not particularly strong or athletic due to most of time being devoted to meditation and study

Mental abilities: Exceedingly intellegent, extensive mental training as part of training for priesthood as one must me able to quickly obtain and process knowledge. In addtion posseses basic knowledge of medicine.

Background: Ayesha grew up the daughter of a Magi priest, who raised her to be strong willed and inquisitive. From the time she was young she acompanied her father on many of the Cathari communities aid missions where she learned about human suffering and gained a great deal of compassions for the human condition. When she was 15 she went of a Cathari aid mission to Burma. One night she and her father left the Cathari compound to go treat a sick man in a villiage but they were ambushed by 3 Burmese soldiers who brutally beat and killed her father and proceeded to rape her and leave her for dead. Using her extrodinary willpower and faith she was able to crawl back to the encampment and recieve treatment the incident left great scares on her. Instead of taking the time to deal with the event she saw it as further evidence of the need to fight evil in the world and swore to beceome a Magi like her father and fight to evil and stand up for the helpless. While her faith and dedication are indeed real, she never really dealt with the death of her father and her rape and it rests heavily on her subconcious.

Personality: She posses's an almost inhuman will and tends to never give up in persuit of truth and justice, steamrolling those who get in the way. In person she is cold and harsh in her deminior. she is serious and finds humour mainly through irony or bitter sarcism. is not affraid of men in particular but does not like being touched. Overall a harsh and determind girl who shows little emotion, but much compassion in an atempt to hide her deep inner pain from all including herself.

Job: Initiate into the Magi, in a couple years will be able to become a full Magi or priest, which is a combination of a cleric, physcologist and doctor in the Cathari Community.

Hobbies: Medditation, Long Walks, Listening to Classical Music, Science Fiction of all kinds and Victorian Gothic or Romantic Literature.

History/ Religion or philosophy: Neo-Cathari

Nationality: French, but more personally loyal to the Neo-Cathari community.

Skills: Speaks French and English

Prologue: A day in the life of Ayesha