Sydney, Australia. 8:00am, June 10th. (5pm EST June 9th)

Beep, beep, beep...

"Seriously? It can't possibly be time to get up already."

Ciaraen rolled over, checking the time on her alarm clock. With a sigh as she realized that it was indeed 8:00 in the morning, she dragged herself out of bed and began her morning routine of eating breakfast then going back upstairs to get ready for the day ahead. Plus a little medication to help with the hangover she had gotten after going out for "just a couple" drinks with her coworkers.

As tempting as it was to fall back into bed, and with the headache diminished for the time being, Ciaraen forced herself to complete an hour of yoga practice. Although today's practice didn't turn out to be as relaxing and energizing as usual, it still managed to get Ciaraen into a more work-oriented mind set. A glance at the clock informed her that it was now 10:17. Remembering that she had agreed to fill in to teach Chantel's pilates class today at 11, she rushed to catch the bus down the road to begin her commute. The bus ride was just as boring as it usually was, though it was running a few minutes late today. Once her stop was reached, Ciaraen pushed past the other passengers on her way off the bus and sprinted the rest of the way to the studio where she worked

"Ahh, made it!"

She had made it to the class on time, though just barely so. Luckily Chantel left some notes about the class and Ciaraen didn't have to attempt to make up a class in her hungover state. An hour later it was time for lunch. Having forgotten to bring any food to work with her in the rush to get there on time, Ciaraen opted to walk to a nearby cafe. The food options were not as healthy as she would have liked, but it would suffice for this one time. After lunch, she meandered back towards the studio. 1-2pm was spent teaching a hatha yoga class, after which Ciaraen headed into the break room to come up with a new lesson plan for the 5-7 year old beginner judo class she would help coach after dinner. Halfway through the planning, she dozed off into a dreamless nap.

-End 3:00pm, June 10th. (Midnight EST June 10th)

Ciaren wakes from her nap. Her body is stiff and she can not move, as sometimes happens when one wakes up from an afternoon nap. She feels light, almost floating. There seems to be no one else in the room around her. She doesn't remember it being this hot in the room. Or this bright. In fact, it's getting brighter. The floating sensation increases, and Ciaren's heart starts beating faster. And she, like all the others, has no idea what's going on as the light fills her vision.


----Chapter 1-->