As Ciaraen opens the bedroom door, suddenly all of the guests in the mansion experience a wave of exhaustion that makes each one of them feel as if they would fall asleep at any moment. The eleven all feel a strange compusion drawing them forward, and they all head towards the living room and upstairs to the bedrooms, each to the door upon which their name is engraved. Ciaren, who of course gets there first, barely registers her surroundings as she collapses on a bed in the room. The rest soon follow suit.

* * *
In the night,
Nathan wakes up. He feels a strange compulsion to go downstairs. Nathan soon finds himself in front of the photograph of the Earth. There is something about that photograph, he realizes. But he can not figure out why he is so drawn to it.

Chapter 1.4: Fatigue

Bedrooms: each character's bedroom seems to have been specifically designed for them. They are all moderately-sized bedrooms and are pretty much your character's ideal bedroom except that there are no communication devices whatsoever. Each of your characters also finds one personal item in their room, which can be anything you want within reason, as well as a wardrobe full of about two weeks worth of their clothes. Create a page for your bedroom and post the link to it here. I will upload a map of the mansion soon, then the action will continue.

1.4 Guidelines

Bryce's Room

Fritz's Room

Giuseppe's Room